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Safety Summits & Workshops

Project risks are most effectively mitigated when your contractors operate to the high safety standards that your organization demands. While you independently vet them to ensure that they are safety capable to perform their respective roles in a project, each contractor operates within its own unique safety culture. A one-size-fits-all approach is not sufficient.

Wolfcreek Safety Solutions safety workshops establish core expectations and set a firm foundation for high-performance safety for all organizations involved at all phases of a project. Our approach is grounded in real-world safety best practices rather than theoretical concepts.

These half and full day workshops employ advanced adult learning and team building exercises to organically foster a commitment by all parties to take personal ownership of risk mitigation and uphold the highest level of safety performance within a common cultural framework.

Subsequent workshops build on the foundation of the initial workshops to extend ownership of your safety culture to your line level leadership. Our objective is to unify all safety cultures and align risk mitigation practices around a common one-team, one-project commitment.



Wolfcreek Safety Solutions was retained to develop and facilitate multiple workshops to establish core safety performance expectations and set a firm foundation for high-performance safety during all phases of the project. These multi-session, highly interactive workshops were designed to create a common set of safety culture beliefs and behaviors between the Pipeline Owner and several different pipeline construction contractors & subcontractors. Using advanced adult learning and team building exercises, the workshops culminated in an agreement by all organizations to “own” proactive safety values and “operate” within the common cultural framework.

Subsequent sessions were held to reinforce and drive the understanding and personal ownership of these cultural beliefs and behaviors further down to the line level leadership of each company. With nearly 200 participants in the half to full-day sessions, the objective of aligning the various safety cultures and risk reduction processes into a common “one team” commitment was met. With a solid foundation now set, further actions planned for this project will be designed, developed and deployed to build upon this foundation to further enhance cultural alignment, risk reduction, and overall project effectiveness.


The scope and scale of this multi-billion dollar pipeline construction project required the use of several different contractors and subcontractors. While each contractor or subcontractor was rigorously screened independently to ensure they were “safety capable” to perform their respective work, each also brought their own unique safety cultures and safety systems. The challenge was in how to unify the different cultures and safety systems into a singular “team” oriented culture and common performance expectations while acknowledging the need to maintain the individuality of each company. Recreating each culture and trying a one-size fits all approach was not going to work.

WSS developed a series of safety workshops to bring together many contractors and subcontractors working on a multi-billion dollar pipeline construction project. The companies involved all had unique safety programs and safety cultures. Our workshops trained the functional and executive leadership teams of each entity to establish and commit to a common set of core cultural beliefs and behaviors. Read further about our workshops by downloading our case study below.



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