Safety Action

Accident Response & Investigation

We operate under the principle that we have to lead like all accidents are preventable and manage the reality that they’re not all prevented.

World-class safety culture is underpinned by a zero harm policy that places employee health and safety as a core value. When an incident occurs, it is crucial to immediately respond and investigate to generate actionable lessons and drive continuous improvement.

Wolfcreek Safety Solutions provides consulting for accident response and investigation at the project, organizational, and enterprise levels. Our team coaches operational and functional safety leaders on accident response plans to help your organization minimize injury and loss as well as protect the evidence and location for investigation. We take a data-driven approach to everything we do, and believe that rapid and thorough accident investigation generates data, including leading indicators, that helps predict and avoid future accidents.

We can advise your safety team on reviewing the location, eyewitnesses, equipment in use, site conditions, and documentation trail to identify losses, immediate causes, conduct Root Cause Analysis (RCA), and identify where the control of the situation failed. We also put into place formal and robust communication systems to efficiently disseminate the “teachable moments” of the accident organization-wide.