Safety Differentiation

Developing Project
Specific Safety Plans

You place the health and safety of your employees at the highest priority on each project, and you hold your contractors to the same standard. Wolfcreek Safety Solutions (WSS) can help you develop project-specific safety plans to establish a clear and unified safety program for you and your contractors, ensuring high safety performance.

Our safety plans lay out how health and safety will be managed for individual projects to improve communication and work efficiency. Effective plans involve safety leaders from your organization and those performing work on your behalf. We can help you communicate scope of work, establish expected hazards, job hazard analysis methods, risk mitigation procedures, and set standards for safety meetings and hazardous action plans. WSS also offers consulting on hazard communication and incident reporting, reviewing contractor safety plans, and vetting contractor safety professionals for values alignment and capabilities.

Our goal is to help your organization create a climate where it can genuinely differentiate itself based on its safety performance.