Wolfcreek Safety Solutions approaches every safety challenge with an empirical, evidence-based, research-validated analytical methodology proven by decades of safety research. We employ highly experienced consultants who are practitioners of the safety techniques that they consult on. WSS provides day-to-day strategic-level safety support to pipeline and pipeline-related companies. Where other safety performance consultants talk about what they would do to deliver high performance safety, WSS delivers high safety performance every day.

Our goal is to challenge the status quo by transforming occupational safety into a central value of your organization. We extend safety coaching, development, and support from the tactical level to the strategic level. Our approach combines systemic, programmatic, and behavioral analytics to create a collaborative and cooperative safety environment and enact transformational performance improvements.

We see organizational safety risks as opportunities for strategic benefit. By developing operational and functional safety professionals and helping them engineer a robust safety environment, we can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

We employ our Strategic Construction Safety Performance (SCSP) model, a copyrighted framework based upon 35 years of peer-reviewed cultural, organizational, and operational safety research. The model is simple but comprehensive, encompassing 17 categories for safety performance. The SCSP defines “good,” “better,” and “best” levels of performance for each category, allowing an organization to assess its safety maturity and identify opportunities to improve performance in pursuit of world-class safety.

The SCSP transcends the tactical approach of typical safety coaching to provide strategic-level safety strategy improvement and support. This model provides access to the next generation of safety performance for organizations who have met the basics of safety and are committed to transition from “OSHA-compliant” to high safety performance.

Safety performance improvement requires personal ownership and a unified way of thinking about safety from all levels of your organization’s leadership. The SCSP leverages scientifically validated safety research to integrate the culture, organization, systems, and programs of organizations and their contractors. It employs a granular approach to objectively assess your current safety program and lay out concrete steps to achieve excellent safety, then industry-leading safety, and finally world-class safety.