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We start by assessing the health of an organization’s existing safety performance model to identify areas for improvement and success. We then lay out a granular safety strategy with achievable benchmarks for both functional and operational EHS leaders to define the elements of a world-class safety plan that will propel the company to a high-performance safety level. We continuously monitor the implementation of the strategy to test and refine practices and approaches to maximize program effectiveness.

Wolfcreek Safety Solutions (WSS) recognized that the interstate pipeline construction industry lacked a clear model for improving construction safety performance beyond basic OSHA compliance. To meet this need, our safety experts designed the Strategic Construction Safety Performance®(SCSP) model, a granular plan for assessing and improving an organization’s safety program across 17 discrete categories. The SCSP® employs a scientific rather than a merely managerial approach, relying upon peer-reviewed research from the industry’s leading scientists and experts to identify fundamental cultural cues common to organizations with high safety performance. It communicates clear indicators of “good,” “better,” and “best” performance in each category, allowing organizations to objectively assess the maturity of their safety programs and set up plans with discrete goals for improvement.

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CASE STUDY #4: Strategic Construction Safety Performance Model (SCSP)

Project Overview

The WSS Strategic Construction Safety Performance Model® (SCSP) was developed to create a strategic safety model and assessment framework relevant to the construction industry, based upon peer-reviewed research to define granular benchmarks of safety performance peaking at world-class.

The anatomy of this model divides these cues into four Divisions, each with their own unique set of Elements identified through additional peer-reviewed research. WSS defines progressive indicators for each Element, progressing from “good” to “better” to “best”. The SCSP® allows organizations to understand their current level of safety performance and make concrete plans with specific goals for improvement.

The Challenge

The current state of safety models relies heavily on a tactical approach to safety performance enhancement, with an emphasis on executive leadership coaching based largely upon opinions and leadership psychology. Organizations that seek world-class safety performance must far surpass every OSHA, state, and local regulation and guideline. Until now, no framework has existed to guide that journey strategically. An empirical, fact based, and research-validated model is the best approach to improving every aspect of an organization’s safety program.

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