Our Vision

Wolfcreek Safety Solutions (WSS) goal is to change the way that the pipeline construction industry approaches safety.

Our clients have a vision to make the utmost level of safety a way of life within all levels of their organizations. They live and breathe the safety principles that they preach, and understand that high performance safety is an integral component of a quality organization. Our services benefit companies that have already met the requirements for basic safety and seek to push their safety program and culture to industry-leading and world-class levels.


We believe in the Zero Harm principle; all accidents and injuries are 100% preventable even if they are not prevented. We believe Safety Culture is how you lead people (behaviors) and manage execution (strategy and tactics). The focus is on ensuring an organization has a robust and integrated safety culture. Our definition of Culture is simply HOW you do, WHAT you do. We take a research-backed approach to helping determine the “What you do”, combined with progressive and practical approaches to “How you do it”. This approach requires that leaders are credible in the eyes of their employees. This credibility, underpinned by consistent positive safety experiences, will generate responsible safety actions and beliefs within employees and contractors. Therefore, we involve safety leadership at the operational as well as functional safety levels in safety culture transformation.