Safety Strategy

Leading Indicator Development

Indicators provide measurable evidence of the proficiencies and deficiencies of an organization’s safety performance. However, not all are created equal. Traditionally, in the construction industry, safety has been measured and managed reactively, where actions are taken in response to negative trends in accidents or injuries. These lagging safety performance indicators are a poor predictor of future safety performance and simply do not provide enough information or insight to effectively drive a reduction in accidents. In contrast, leading indicators measure the creation of safety, not the avoidance of injury.

The emerging field of research into leading indicators has begun to identify practical, meaningful actions to measure that are more effective predictors of safety performance and can be used to proactively measure, monitor, and control safety risk. Organizations that want to achieve higher levels of safety performance must begin to incorporate leading measures into their overall scorecards for safety.

Wolfcreek Safety Solutions uses current research, combined with a customized analysis of an organization’s data, to identify the most effective and relevant leading indicators for your projects. We then show you how to measure, monitor and respond to the data through proactive process improvements. Our goal is to help you establish core measures that drive exceptional safety performance.