A top-class safety strategy uses peer-reviewed research to define progressive indicators that elevate safety standards and practices to world-class levels.

The Wolfcreek Safety Solutions (WSS) team possesses extensive experience in assessing and developing the strategies necessary to transform safety cultures to world-class performance. We take an empirical, data-driven approach to strategic safety.

Our expert safety consultants guide organizations through the implementation of new safety best practices and solutions, particularly in construction contractor and energy-based safety management. Using their expert analysis, we provide day-to-day strategic level safety support to assist your safety team in determining leading indicators and anticipating data trends to create a proactive high-performance safety model coupled with a robust assessment framework that

  • Is construction-valid and tailored to your individual organization’s needs,
  • Uses peer-reviewed research to define granular levels of safety performance that peak at world-class,
  • Integrates cultural cues, programmatic elements, and organizational indicators that are simple, measurable, and operable,
  • Provides access to the next generation of safety performance, and
  • Ultimately delivers on organizations’ aspirations to achieve low recordable injury rates and an absence of catastrophic incidents (e.g. fatalities).

WSS offers the following consulting services to address Safety Strategy challenges: