Safety Challenges

Wolfcreek Safety Solutions (WSS) provides cutting-edge tailored safety consulting services to the pipeline construction industry. Our cadre of industry experts affects transformational changes in Safety Strategies, Safety Cultures, Safety Actions, and Safety Differentiation, all based upon empirical data analysis and a practical application of scientific research.

Our Approach

Our services benefit companies that have already mastered basic safety requirements and are seeking to move their safety programs from “OSHA-compliant” to world-class. We employ a proven and proprietary model to assess the status of your organization’s safety program and lay out granular steps to execute and analyze improvements. The research inspiring our approach is publicly available, peer-reviewed, and conducted by industry-leading safety researchers and professionals.


About Us

WSS is a “construction trailer to Boardroom” pipeline construction safety consultancy. We approach high-performance safety from a scientific rather than a merely managerial outlook. Our consultants have direct experience working in the pipeline construction industry and leverage their subject matter expertise to transform your organization’s safety performance.

Science-based Safety Improvements

WSS believes that organizational safety risks are opportunities for strategic safety improvements GambLlist in disguise. We combine systemic, programmatic, and behavioral analytics to affect transformational safety performance improvements within your organization. This approach is based on our Strategic Construction Safety Performance® (SCSP) model, a proprietary model based upon 35 years of leading peer-reviewed research in organizational, operational, and safety research best practices. The SCSP® defines granular, achievable levels of safety performance across a broad range of categories. We help you assess the maturity of your safety culture AND processes and put into place concrete steps to achieve meaningful improvements.

Executive and Functional Leadership Integration

High performance safety requires investment and participation from all levels of safety leadership. At WSS, we believe that both executive and functional safety leaders have important roles to play in establishing safety culture and driving its integration into your organization’s core values.

We offer both executive and functional safety coaching to align your organization’s safety leadership approaches into a single cohesive culture. This service includes workshops and enhanced safety culture solutions for both you and your subcontractors, at the organizational and project-specific levels.