Safety Culture

Culture Improvement Solutions

Our clients know that high-performance safety is part of a quality organization. Your safety culture determines “HOW” you do “WHAT” you do to achieve world-class safety performance. Organizational behavioral approaches, (the “HOW”), define clear roles for leadership and execute them with discipline and accountability. Safety systems and processes, (the “WHAT”), operate at both strategic and tactical levels to ensure performance.

Our experienced safety professionals have decades of operational experience in designing and deploying tactical safety solutions. Additionally, Wolfcreek Safety Solutions (WSS) designs and implements strategic solutions using a proven model unique to the industry.

We believe that high safety performance centers around robust safety strategies that involve safety professionals as trusted advisors in a leader-led culture.

At WSS, we drive transformational safety culture shifts by concentrating on holistic, values-based organizational safety management. We integrate culture and leadership with organizations, systems, and programs by focusing on safety leadership development and behavior-based approaches. Our industry-leading safety consultants design scalable culture improvement programs to deliver valuable interventions to individual project teams or entire corporations.

Our goal is to involve everyone from your operational senior management to your functional safety personnel in a collaborative and cooperative safety environment in which safety becomes a core operational value integral to company performance.