High-performance Safety elevates an organization’s reputation and improves the productivity and well-being of its workforce. Committing to this level of safety requires personal buy-in from leadership to integrate the safety initiative into core operational values.

The most significant challenges to improving your safety program are your safety strategy, your safety culture, your safety actions, and differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Wolfcreek Safety Solutions (WSS) offers a unique approach to meet these challenges, whether at the level of individual programs or within multi-billion dollar enterprises. We believe that safety programs and safety systems all connect with individual behaviors to create a high-performance safety culture that lasts. WSS employs science validated, peer-reviewed safety research to direct transformational safety improvements at all leadership levels.

Safety strategy encompasses your organization’s plan to accomplish its safety objectives. We offer expert safety strategy review as well as consultation on the identification and analysis of leading safety indicators, integrated risk management methods, and the development of performance assurance programs. Our goal is to align your safety goals with your organizational strategies and core values.

At WSS, we define safety culture as “HOW you do WHAT you do.” Our methods bring balance back to the right focus between organizational behavioral components (the “HOW”) and the systems and processes that make up a high-performance safety program (the “WHAT”). We offer consulting to assist your functional safety and executive leaders through leadership development courses, safety summits and workshops, enhancement of the safety function, and customized approaches to cultural improvement.

There are also immediate actions that an organization can take to improve its safety program. We offer analysis and training in the latest in cutting-edge Energy-Based Safety. Furthermore, WSS provides consulting to develop efficient accident response and investigation initiatives, custom safety programs at the project, organizational, and enterprise levels, and program effectiveness assessments to gauge the implementation and performance of new safety programs.

Developing a world-class safety program will differentiate your organization from your competitors. Your customers and your subcontractors place supreme emphasis on the safety, health, and well-being of their employees. Organizations with a reputation for uncompromising safety gain a significant competitive advantage. To help you reach this level of high safety performance, WSS offers consulting to align the safety goals and cultures of you and your subcontractors. Additionally, we can assist your functional safety leadership to properly generate and analyze safety data to leverage for transformational safety improvement.