Wolfcreek Safety Solutions (WSS) is a “construction trailer to Boardroom” pipeline construction safety consultancy.

WSS is part of the Wolfcreek Group, a holder of several pipeline constructors and pipeline-related companies.  We consult externally to clients seeking high performance in midstream construction safety. We take a scientific approach to safety consulting as opposed to a merely managerial approach. Our proven safety performance improvement methods are backed by research conducted by industry-leading safety researchers and professionals.

The WSS team has extensive experience in change management, safety culture transformations, and leading organizations through implementation of new safety best practices and solutions, especially in the area of construction contractor safety management.

WSS follows a simple project execution framework for consulting engagements. Each stage focuses on specific deliverables, actions, and outputs required throughout the project management lifecycle. Initiatives within each stage are prioritized per business needs. The complexity and priority of each engagement drives the stage progression and timeline (e.g. stages may operate concurrently).