Safety Strategy

Performance Assurance Programs

Objectively assuring safety performance is a critical component of high performance safety. Organizations need to assure that what they intend to happen, is actually happening. This is accomplished through independent strategic or program level Assessments. These differ in many ways from traditional “Audits”.

Wolfcreek Safety Solutions assessments are custom-designed to provide objective, fact-based confidence that the business or function has effective strategies, programs and practices in-place to manage hazards and their risks, and to verify that systems are in-place and functioning to meet safety objectives. The assessment process is also an opportunity to capture best practices and advance organizational learning across projects or other business lines.

The major differences between our Assessments and traditional Audits are further explained in the following table.

Audit (OLD way)
Assessment (NEW way)
Single event, focused on snapshot in time and looking primarily at past levels of compliance. Focused on overall system across multiple events. Emphasis is on performance against standards and proactive risk management
Interviews/Interrogations Engagement & collaborative discussion, seeking joint understanding
Exclusive Team (Clipboards from “Corporate”) Engagement & collaborative discussion, seeking joint understanding
Target who did what wrong Engagement & collaborative discussion, seeking joint understanding
Focus on what is wrong No blame, focus on learning
Focus on specific process or compliance requirement Focus on how the Safety performance across the organization is controlled, directed and managed
Focus on specific requirement without regard to overall strategy and direction

Considers larger strategy and direction:

  • Culture
  • Systems
  • Behavior

Our goal is to help you establish inclusive and collaborative processes to objectively assure the level of safety performance in your organization, while promoting a continuous learning & improvement environment.